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Europe square

The municipal administrations of the towns of Gorizia (Italia) and Nova Gorica (Slovenia) decided to honour the entry of Slovenia into the European Union in a very special way, not with a common plaque or monument, but with a new joint square (Trg Evrope) in front of the Nova Gorica Railway station. 

The area in front of the Nova Gorica Railway station, the former Northern Railway station of the town of Gorica (Gorizia), is the most urbanized spot where the two towns come into contact. The by the architect Max Fabiani monumentally designed urbane composition of buildings and the streets that end radially in the square, were many years divided by the border line in two.

The square in the young city got its name upon the entry of Slovenia into the European Union on 1st May 2004. It is decorated with a mosaic of the new Europe which was designed by Franko Vecchiet, a Slovenian artist from Trieste. The architectural solution was contributed by a citizen of Gorica, Romano Schnabl who had a difficult task since he was elaborating on the legacy left by Max Fabiani (1865-1962), the then most respected Austro-Hungarian townplanning professional and a renowned architect. Fabiani drew the streets, which run from the station in the form of a fan, into five directions, although most of them ended up in fields after approximately hundred metres! Fabiani envisaged a fast development of the city, which actually did start to breathe with the coming of the railway.

In sunny weather it is possible to read the exact time on the sun clock made from the driving wheel of a steam locomotive and set up on the Italian side of the square. A peculiarity of the clock is that in the winter time, the exact time is shown on the lower side of the wheel, and in the summer, on the upper part of the wheel.

The joint Square of Europe is definitely better than the barbed wire in the middle of the square but all the rest is only memories and dreams for now. The square with the Mosaic of the New Europe became at once symbol of the coexistance of the two towns - Gorizia and Nova Gorica, the symbol for the elimination of the contrasts, as well as symbol of the European unification.

In the immediate vicinity, in the railway station building is also located Cultural information touchpoint Nova Gorica/Gorizia.