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The Church of Christ The Saviour

The church was built in 1982, according to architect Franc Kvaternik's plans. It is located by the main road as you enter the town, leading to Solkan. The beauty and grandness of the church is hidden inside - this can be seen in the wooden statue of Jesus Christ and the Stations of the Cross, works of art done by the artist Stane Jarem.

The contemporarily designed parish church of Christ the Saviour was constructed in 1982 following the designs of the architect Franc Kvaternik. The Way of the Cross and a 5.3 m high sculpture of Christ the Saviour were created by the sculptor Stane Jarm (1931-2011) in a contemporary expressionist style. He is also the creator of the statue of the Mother of God with Child in the side chapel. The church has been a con-cathedral since 2004.

In front of it, there is a bust of the Archbishop of Goriška, Frančišek Borgia Sedej (1854-1931), the last of the four Slovenian archbishops who led the archdiocese of Goriška from 1883 to 1931. Before that, archbishops were Germans or Austrians, later Italians. By birth from Cerkno, after the consecration, he went to study at the Vienna Avguštinej (the Imperial and Royal Institute St. Augustine for Education of Priests), where he later taught as a professor. The archbishop Jakob Missia (1838-1902), the first Slovenian cardinal (appointed in 1899), talked him into returning to Gorica. Educated and nationally conscious, he was a herald of a demand that religious lessons should be given in the mother tongue, and he persisted with this idea also during fascism when he confronted the seconding of Italian priests into Slovenian villages and gave support to the maintenance of Slovenian singing in churches. Because of constant discrediting, demonstrations and insults he asked for dismissal and he died soon afterwards.



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