The Trnovo Forest

The Trnovo Forest and the neighbouring Banjščice plateau are the most north-western spur of the grand Dinar mountains. The mountainous area of the Trnovo Forest is karst-like, with no running superficial water, full of closed hollows, hills of different height and mountains, caves, abysses, shafts and minute karstic forms: scallops, grooves, rockholes, etc.

Among the most impressive karstic phenomena are the caves with permanent ice and snow. The Paradana Cave, which is 385 m deep and 1550 m long, is one of the most renowned examples. The ice from this cave was exported even to Egypt. The Trnovo Forest is mainly overgrown with beech and fir trees (Abieti-fagetum dinaricum). The highest point is Mt. Mali Golak (1495 m a.s.l.). The Trnovo Forest has two natural reserves: Paradana with the natural monument of the Big Ice Cave and Mt. Golaki with the pine tree vale Smrekova draga and the natural monument Smrečje. Admirers of the nature can indulge themselves in many other numerous curiosities and visit monuments of the natural heritage. The locals will be very willing to show them around.