The Sabotin Hill (608m) lies at the junction of Pre-Alpine, Sub-Mediterranean areas and the Dinaric Alps.

To the south it overlooks Nova Gorica, to the west it looks to the Brda region, to the east there is Sveta Gora and the Trnovo and Banjščice Plateau, and to the north there are the Julian Alps. Its flora encompasses both Central-European and South-Alpine species as well as Dinaric, sub-Mediterranean and even Mediterranean species: quercus ilex belonging for example to the Mediterraneans species, primula auricula grows on the sunny side of the slopes as a representative of Alpine species, etc.

The most endangered flora on the Sabotin Hill are the plants of the Karst land owing to the abandoning of mowing and pasturing. This results in the overgrowing of the forest. The slope of Sabotin and its cliffs belong to the southern edge of the Trnovo forest which is important on an international scale for its bird species preservation: circaetus gallicus, emberizia cia, gyps fulvus …The area of Sabotin Hill is a part of the Natura 2000 network. There are footpaths and cycling routes taking one to the top of Sabotin Hill. The hill is interesting due to its flora and fauna and rich history.

The entire area has been proclamed a cross-border Park of Peace