Day trip ideas

Rich wine offering in the Vinoteka Solum wine shop

Did you know that the Vipava Valley is home to the largest number of autochthonous wine varieties in Slovenia? Best you head out to an oenological exploration then! The well-stocked wine shop Vinoteka Vipava is located on the square in Vipava. The restored Roman tower in Ajdovščina houses the Faladur wine bar, whereas in Nova Gorica you can be pampered in the modern Vinoteka Solum wine shop. Taste all the differences and get a nice bottle of quality wine as a lovely souvenir to take home with you.

Mt Sabotin beckons to the Peace Park

Today, the Walk of Peace retraces the fiercest battlefields of WW1. As you hike the trails of the Walk of Peace, make sure to visit Mt Sabotin perched over Nova Gorica, and step foot in the original army caverns. The museum collection displayed on Mt Sabotin will give you an idea of just how all-encompassing the war was.  The trails also lead up to Mt Škabrijel. The best views are to be had from Cerje where there is the largest war memorial of the area.

Kromberk Castle – where worlds meet

Feel the different cultures merging in Nova Gorica and the Vipava Valley. Visit the Pilon Gallery in Ajdovščina for a delightful display of the finest pieces of Expressionism. Kromberk Castle features ethnological and other collections of the Goriški Museum.

Mountain bike trail riding

The steep slopes of the tableland overlooking the Vipava Valley are a real challenge to even the bravest. This area boasts excellent free-flight conditions year round.

Hiking on the edge for pleasure-seekers

The diverse and picturesque landscape between Vipava and Nova Gorica is perfect for hitting the trails year round. 

Kostanjevica – a local heritage gem

Located on a hill over Nova Gorica, the Franciscan Monastery Kostanjevica is particularly notable for the crypt of the Bourbon dynasty, holding the remains of the last King of France and his descendants. A special highlight of the monastery is the Škrabec library with a precious collection of old tomes. Take a stroll through the park and marvel at one of the most impressive collections of Bourbon roses in the world. It's no coincidence that the rose is also the symbol of Nova Gorica.

Bungee jumping

Go bungee jumping from the bridge in Solkan, and ride down the Soča River in a kayak or canoe.

Shades of green on the Trnovo and Banjšice Plateau

Just a few kilometres from the urban hustle and bustle, and a few hundred metres over Nova Gorica, a whole new world opens up on the Banjšice Plateau. Head out to the trails and paths to a world of endless meadows and characteristic sinkholes. On the east of the tableland you can cut across the dry Čepovan Valley only to find yourself in the extensive woods of the Trnovo Forest Plateau. As a quirk of nature, this area is characterized by hollows with temperature inversion. Another cool natural feature is the Velika ledena jama (Big Ice Cave).

Cycling between vineyards and castles

Embark on the picture-book trails between the vineyards with your bike and discover the verdant Vipava Valley.