Mt Sabotin beckons to the Peace Park

Today, the Walk of Peace retraces the fiercest battlefields of WW1. As you hike the trails of the Walk of Peace, make sure to visit Mt Sabotin perched over Nova Gorica, and step foot in the original army caverns. The museum collection displayed on Mt Sabotin will give you an idea of just how all-encompassing the war was.  The trails also lead up to Mt Škabrijel. The best views are to be had from Cerje where there is the largest war memorial of the area.

Top highlights

Remains of the Isonzo Front from WW1, a complex system of caverns and fire trenches.
WW1 museum collection.
View from Mt Sabotin to Mt Triglav, across the Dolomites and Goriška Brda to the Adriatic Sea.

Not to be missed

Guided tours of the park and museum with qualified staff.
Tours are available on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. For announced groups, tours can be held on weekdays.
Tours are held every two hours during the weekend and take around 90 min.
The price per person is €3.00.
Local food offering.

Mt Sabotin features many historic artefacts dating back to WW1: caverns, underground fortifications, fortified positions, fire trenches and other landmarks evoke the infamous Isonzo Front. Today, visitors can enjoy in the beautiful natural surroundings that afford scenic views of the Julian Alps, Friuli, Carnic Alps and Dolomites, to Goriška Brda, the Trnovo Forest and Banjšice Plateau, all the way to the lower Vipava Valley, Nova Gorica, Karst, and as far as the blue sliver of the Adriatic Sea. In addition to artefacts from various time periods, the park also provides glimpses into ethnological, geological and geographical specificities of the region. After touring the park, a hearty meal with local dishes will help you get your strength back.

Mt Sabotin is a remarkable tourist site along the Walk of Peace from the Alps to the Adriatic Sea. The trails are regularly maintained and feature well-marked hiking and cycling trails. The Peace Park displays a museum collection on Mt Sabotin, which depicts historic facts pertaining to WW1 from 100 years ago in order to make people today fully appreciate peace.


Sabotin Peace Park
Podsabotin, No number (guardhouse)
5211 Kojsko
M: +386 (0)40 253 234