Furnga is a traditional two-day festival which demonstrates the cutting and the transportation of the maypole.



The Rose Festival

The Rose Festival is becoming a central cultural and social event organised in spring, which, besides locals, attracts guests from all over Slovenia and abroad. Exhibitions, lectures, guided tours, a rose market, tastings, concerts and many other events, every year something new which makes the image and the popularity of the town of roses richer.

From Lijak to Sekulak Trek

In the lower Vipava Valley, through the settlements of Šmihel, Ozeljan, šempas, Vitovlje and Osek there is an energy thematic path from Lijak to Sekulak.  On the northern side, the path climbs up to the slopes of the Trnovo Plateu and on the south it stretches out on fertile fields and reaches out all the way to the water reservoir called Vogršček.


Tabor Musical Evenings

The concentrated settlement of Tabor above Dornberk becomes alive once a year in the beginning of June by means of music. Tabor musical evenings are represented by means of top music, both instrumental as well as choir music. Tabor, with its old architecture, offers excellent scenery and a unique ambience for an event in the open air.  

Statehood Day Celebration

Ever since the proclamation of the state of Slovenia in 1991, the Statehood Day is celebrated combined with bonfires. Originally the celebration was organised near the church in Vitovlje and at an event site in recent years where there are more opportunities to have a celebration with a rich cultural and entertainment programme. The holiday day and its celebration are becoming more and more established and it has turned into a tradition.

International Meeting of Saxophone Players

An attractive one-week festival with musical events enriches and brightens up summer nights in Nova Gorica. A summer school is organised as a part of the festival’s programme.


The Mohorjevo event takes place in Šempas every year in July.  It attracts adults as well as young people with its offer of homemade delicacies and entertaining programme. Visitors come from nearby villages and also from the wider Goriška region and from elsewhere. In 2010 and 2011, the Mohorjevo event was represented under the brand name “Energy of Tastes” which combines another three large events from this area: The Polenta (Maize Porridge) Festival, the Chestnut Festival, and the Šempas Wine Festival.

The Polenta Festival

The traditional event The Polenta Festival takes place in Ozeljan, in the beautifully laid out castle garden every year in the beginning of July.

The Hay Harvest Festival

The origins of this festival go back into the eighties when the then management of the Local Community Banjščice together with representatives of the Youth Association prepared a festival with the aim of awaking old customs and demonstrating how farmers’ chores once used to be carried out.

The Peach Festival

The organizer, the Prvačina Tourist Society, decided to organize this event mostly with the purpose of letting the Slovenian public know about the spread of peach production in the Vipava Valley.  Peach grooves are widely spread mainly in the lower Vipava Valley.

The Municipal Feast Day of Nova Gorica Municipality

The Nova Gorica Municipality celebrates its municipal feast day to pay tribute to the commencement of the Goriška Front on 9 September 1943.

The Municipal Feast Day of Nova Gorica Municipality

The Nova Gorica Municipality celebrates its municipal feast day to pay tribute to the commencement of the Goriška Front on 9 September 1943.

B'ndimska kvatrnica

The event is based on cultural and ethnologic events where a visitor may taste typical dishes of the Vipava Valley and wines of wine producers from Branik.

The Robin’s Party

Every year, the local radio station Robin organizes a concert in the park in front of the Town Hall in Nova Gorica. Various Slovenian musicians and celebrities are invited to perform on stage.

The Soča Rowing Regatta

A traditional race on the river Soča with kayaks, canoes and rafts from the Solkan Hydro Power Plant to Podgora in Italy.

Chestnut Festival

Owing to its sunny location and abundance of natural products Vitovlje is known for its unique chestnut called maronni, famous at home and abroad.

Pixxelpoint – International Festival of New-Media Art

Pixxelpoint has become established as one of more important festivals of the New Media Art in the Slovenian arena. It has also created its reputation on an international scale.


Goricatlon is a  6-hour sporting event with a charitable purpose.