Wine and culinary offering

Wine and culinary offering

The area around Nova Gorica represents an important contribution to the culinary art. It is the meeting point of the influences typical for the Karst, Brda, Vipava, as well as the near-by Friulian and Italian cuisine.

Wine road of the lower Vipava valley

The lower Vipava Valley lies between the picturesque edge of Trnovski gozd and the relatively steep karst slopes on the border between the alpine and Mediterranean regions.

Osmica – wine cellar opened to sell the wine of the previous year

On your visit to the lower Vipava Valley, you will often come across the sign »Osmica«decorated with a branch of ivy and placed beside the road. This means that in the vicinity, a winegrower has opened his wine cellar to the public to sell his wine from the previous year.

The Herbal centre in Grgarske Ravne

At Trnovo and Banjščice Plateau, which are distant from larger urban centres, during times of scarcity, people obtained a cheap and quality source of food by growing herbs, fruits and mushrooms. Some of these were used as substitutes for everyday dishes and people used to pick them in the wild or cultivate them in household gardens or in pots.

Sabotin Peace Park - Cook book

The Soča Valley, the Karst and the area along the lower reaches of Piave River and its hinterland represented a world in miniature during the three and a half year long war (May 1915 – November 1918)

Taste and Energy

On the airy slopes of the Trnovo plateau lie the villages of Osek, Vitovlje, Šempas, Ozeljan, and Šmihel, basking in the sunshine of the lower Vipava valley.

City Market

On the market (tržnica) we can check the produce from farms in the neighbouring villages. 

Chicory from Goriška

Goriški radič – Chicory from Goriška is as beautiful as a rose, but it has no odour. It’s really nothing, but a chicory, one of the many in this branched family of vegetables, however at the same time it is something special.

Wine bar Solum

Solum is not a mere wine shop in the town centre.