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Wine and culinary offering

The area around Nova Gorica represents an important contribution to the culinary art. It is the meeting point of the influences typical for the Karst, Brda, Vipava, as well as the near-by Friulian and Italian cuisine.

The traditional tourist farms and the so-called “osmice – the Eights”, wine cellars where in the past the wine of the previous year was sold eight days a year, are a suitable address for people enjoying the rich Primorska cuisine. You will be enthusiastic about the cracklings “ocvirki”, the cottage cheese desserts, the typical home-made pasta – wide noodles called “bleki” served with air-dried ham and cream, the Farmer’s feast plate “kmečki krožnik” and Farmer’s feast banquet “kmečka pojedina”, the air-dried ham - prosciutto in italian and pršut in Slovene, and the dried pork tenderloin “prata”, a variety of cheeses, and the boiled cheese dumplings - rolls of pastry called “kuhani štruklji”, venison prepared in different ways, and of course the nice-smelling home-made bread fresh from the oven and many other dishes. The vine in the Lower Vipava Valley has a long-lasting winegrowing tradition which resulted in a great variety of well-known and world-famous wines all produced in this region. The mild climate enables excellent ripening of the grapes and it provides wines of a unique bouquet. The valley is famous for its autochthonous wine sorts like Zelen, Pinela, Malvazija and Rebula.