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The Herbal centre in Grgarske Ravne

At Trnovo and Banjščice Plateau, which are distant from larger urban centres, during times of scarcity, people obtained a cheap and quality source of food by growing herbs, fruits and mushrooms. Some of these were used as substitutes for everyday dishes and people used to pick them in the wild or cultivate them in household gardens or in pots.

Their usage was wide: in traditional medicine, they were used to reduce pain for people and animals, they were used to ward off insects, they were used as cosmetic aids, they were used to decorate people’s homes. People believed that in addition to their healthy power, herbs have a magical power owing to which people can overcome troubles brought about by life. In the contemporary developed world the role of herbs, fruits and mushrooms have changed since they have a greater role than just as supplements to food or seasoning. They are coming back to menus which offer healthy food as independent seasonal dishes.

Today, this tradition is continued by the Grgarske Ravne Zeliščni Center. In the centre there are premises for herb processing, there is a kitchen with accompanying rooms, and a small shop and a multifunctional room for tasting, education and promotion of traditional produce and products. The Grgarske Ravne Zeliščni center, upon advance booking, will organise tastings of juices and food made from herbs, it organises and carries out courses on herbs and organizes trips in the area of Trnovo and Banjščice Plateu offering the presentation of the centre.

Zeliščni center Grgarske Ravne
Grarske Ravne 30, 5251 Grgar, Slovenia
m: +386 (0)41 655 789