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Chicory from Goriška

Goriški radič – Chicory from Goriška is as beautiful as a rose, but it has no odour. It’s really nothing, but a chicory, one of the many in this branched family of vegetables, however at the same time it is something special.

The gardeners are still producing the seeds that they need, investing the selection of their best chicory with traditional and modern know-how as well as their sense of aesthetics. At least for a century and a half they have competed to have the most beautiful, the most flavorful, simply the best chicory. Therefore, our Goriški Radič – Chicory from Goriška isn’t just a vegetable, but has become a true masterpiece.

The Chicory from Goriška has been for decades struggling for survival. The fields in the vicinity of Gorica, which were considered the most profitable in the whole Austro-Hungarian Empire, were largely sacrificed to build the Transalpine railway station (1906). Together with the track some industrial factories and warehouses were built. Then the two world wars influenced the rhythm of life more than the annual change of seasons, bringing new state boundaries, followed by further expropriations for the increasingly expansive urbanization and industrialization of the area. Agriculture has for many become a sideline occupation. The cultivation of vegetables has decreased. The gardeners have remained loyal only to the most profitable produce, especially if they were also emotionally related to it. The forced chicory was fortunately one of such.

Brochure with recipes: Goriški radič - Chicory from Goriška_2012.pdf