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The stone railed bridge in Solkan

Solkan bridge is the most prominent bridge on the Bohinj Railway route between Jesenice and Gorica, and one of the most famous bridges in Slovenia. According to the known data, the bridge has the longest stone arch spanning over a river in the world and the longest stone arch among all railway bridges.

Sabotin - Peace Park

Sabotin - Peace Park is a cross-border project with an overall objective to diversify tourist offer in the area of the Goriška (Gorizia region) through the promotion of peace. The idea of establishing a peace park on Sabotin is based on the turmoil of World War I in the Posočje/Isonzo, claiming many casualties among soldiers and the civil population. Today the international border between Slovenia and Italy runs along Sabotin's ridge.

Europe square

The municipal administrations of the towns of Gorizia (Italia) and Nova Gorica (Slovenia) decided to honour the entry of Slovenia into the European Union in a very special way, not with a common plaque or monument, but with a new joint square in front of the Nova Gorica Railway station.

World War I

Škarbijel (646m), Skalnica – Sveta Gora (681m) and Sabotin (609m) are a trio of hills above Nova Gorica which do not belong in the history of climbing but thousands have died to conquer these peaks. When after Italy declared war on Austria-Hungary on 23 May 1915, the latter withdrew from the border in the plain area and fortified its defence positions on peaks above the Soča River – the Soča Front commenced during which eleven battles were triggered by Italians, and the twelfth, by a breakthrough in Kobarid (Battle of Caporetto), by the united units of the Austro-Hungarian and German army.

There are numerous paths leading to these peaks, today a popular excursion destination point. Some are directed through former ditches and caverns which is why, in addition to trekking shoes, suitable equipment is advisable (a helmet, head torch). 

Wells and Ponds

The "Living Fountains" Project Reviving Water Wells and Ponds in Cross-Border Area, being implemented within the 2007-2013 Slovenia-Italy Cross-Border Cooperation Programme, envisages the restoration and arrangement of 34 water wells and ponds as monuments of cultural heritage.