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Powerful Stories Behind Small Collections

People are collectors. We surround ourselves with small items that connect us to the past and imbue our present with meaning. They speak volumes about us, our families, our locale, and the wider area we live in. They remind us of the elusiveness of time: there are only a handful of people left who know how to use the tools that master craftsmen of yore wielded so skilfully that whole villages became famous for their respective trades. 

Smithery in Lokovec, pail-making in Lokve and carpentry in Solkan are the first three trades that were given proper presentation through collections operated by private individuals or by associations. One can only hope that the same respect will be extended to other trades such as charcoal-burning, glass-making, lime-burning, agriculture, forestry, wagonry, wine-making etc. to preserve their memory for the present generation and those to come.

The area of the Municipality of Nova Gorica was once at the heart of the Isonzo Front that stretched from the peaks of the Julian Alps to the Adriatic. Sold as scrap metal at first, the collecting of the remains of weapons and ammunition gradually grew into a passion, culminating in the desire that the finds should be on display for the general public. The stories surrounding each unearthed artefact and their collectors exude a unique charm, and the existing and renovated trenches, caverns and barracks have a gloomy appeal to them.

One collection in particular addresses our social history – a period of migration of mostly women who came to be known as the Alexandrian Women. All these snippets come together to form a mosaic; they reveal a part of the genetic makeup of the Goriška region which holds many more mysteries waiting to be discovered, processed and showcased by new generations of collectors.

2. THE CARPENTRY MUSEUM – Soška cesta 31, 5250 SOLKAN, open Saturdays and Sundays 10 am-12 pm, every second and fourth Tuesday of the month 4 pm-6.30 pm, contact person: Jožko Markič m: +386 41 617 867

3. THE SMALL MUSEUM OF THE 1st WORLD WAR – Banjšice 19a (hamlet of Lohke), 5251 GRGAR, viewings by prior arrangement, contact person: Zdenko Mužič m: +386 41 841 403

4. THE SMALL SMITHERY MUSEUM – Srednji Lokovec 81, 5253 ČEPOVAN, viewings by prior arrangement, contact person: Miroslav Šuligoj Bremec m: +386 31 459 343

5. THE PAIL COLLECTION – Lokve 22, 5232 TRNOVO PRI GORICI, viewings Saturdays and Sundays and by prior arrangement, contact person: Rajmund Kolenc m: +386 41 852 975

6. THE PEACE PARK AND 1st WORLD WAR MUSEUM – Podsabotin, 5211 KOJSKO, viewings Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and by prior arrangement, contact person: Bogdan Potokar m: +386 40 253 234

7. THE ALEXANDRIAN WOMEN MUSEUM – Hiša na placu, Prvačina 173, 5297 PRVAČINA, viewings by prior arrangement, information at the Tourist Board Nova Gorica, t: +386 5 330 46 00

8. THE JOŽEF TOMINC AND SIMON GREGORČIČ MEMORIAL ROOM – Kulturni dom, Gradišče nad Prvačino, 5294 DORNBERK, viewings by prior arrangement,
contact person: Miro Kerševan m: +386 41 590 538

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