The Panovec Forest Educational Trail

Starting point: Rožna Dolina, car park at the Forestry Institute of the Republic of Slovenia



Point of destination: Panovec – circular hiking trail

Trail length: 2.0km

Expected hiking time: 00h 50m

Difference in altitude: 42m

Level of difficulty: easy trail

Recommended equipment: sports shoes, hiking shoes

Opis poti

Trail description

While walking along the Forest educational trail, hikers learn about the natural phenomena. It teaches them the love of forest and its importance for the economy. It is mostly meant for the young to teach them about our natural envi-ronment as well as the love of nature and natural heritage. There are 35 stops next to points of natural interest. Twenty of them convey information about the described tree species. The description is easy to understand and trees are introduced as friends we meet on our way around.

The trail includes a peculiar attraction: a bridge over the swamp with two interesting inhabitants: the swamp cypress (Taxodium Distichum) and the Italian agile frog (Rana Latastei). An equipped picnic area and a large space to relax make part of the trail.


Difference in altitude

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